Boosterthon: Team Day 4

Today the students move east to Utah and Zion National Park.  They learn about the character trait of PERSEVERANCE or “Not giving up – even when things get tough.”  Check out the video here:

Today’s Fun Fact

The Subway trail is so difficult a permit is required. The 9.5 mile trail at Zion involves creek crossing, scrambling, route finding and swimming.**

**One Fascinating Fact About Each of America’s National Parks

Tonight is the 50 state challenge! Do you know someone who lives in a different state? If you do, ask them for a pledge on!

Thanks for your support of Kings Park and Kings Glen!

All Booster FunRun 2023 information can be found here.

Questions, please contact VP of Fundraising, Erin Farrell-Kendrick.

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