What is Baskets & Bingo?

Baskets & Bingo has traditionally been one of the biggest events and fundraisers put on by the KPKG PTA. The last in-person B&B was held in February 2020 and we are thrilled to be bringing it back in 2024!

This year’s event will be in-person on Friday, February 23 at Lake Braddock SS.

Baskets & Bingo includes a number of activities, including:
Themed classroom baskets – Every Kings Park and Kings Glen classroom is assigned a theme and parents are asked to donate items to create a themed basket, which is raffled off the night of the event.
Bingo – Bingo will be played on one side of the cafeteria. It will be free to play this year. Small prizes are awarded to winners. Often there are “guest BINGO callers” such as teachers and principals.
Teacher experiences – Teachers donate experiences which are raffled off. Past experiences have included pizza lunch, after school coding, and “PE Teacher for the Day.”
Food – Pizza, snacks and drinks will be available for purchase. This year, the food will be managed by our 6th Grade Party planning committee and funds generated will support
the party.

More information will be available on purchasing tickets as we get closer to the event opening.

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