Kings Park Programs

FALL 2023 Offerings at Kings Park

Kings Park/Kings Glen PTA coordinates after-school and enrichment programs for our students. Most programs run for eight weeks, and meet once a week immediately after school. Different programs are offered during the fall, winter and spring. 

Email KPKG PTA Vice President, Education with any questions or concerns.

Please note, scholarships may be available. All inquiries related to scholarships should be directed to Kings Park and Kings Glen school counselors.

Magnus Chess Academy: Mondays 3:30-4:30, Cafeteria

Magnus Chess Academy (formerly Silver Knights) has been teaching chess in Fairfax County since 2008. Over that time period we’ve taught more than 30,000 students in after school clubs, before school clubs, and camps. They include kids who’ve won seventeen state championships and four national championships, but most of our students are beginners looking to learn a fun new game. That’s how all the champions start out too!

Register here:

Start DateMonday, Oct. 2
End DateMonday, Dec. 4
No ClassOct. 9; Nov. 11
Cost$162 (includes $2 fee for chessboards)

Tiny Chefs: Tuesdays 3:35-4:35, Cafeteria

Students will push the limits on the snack concept and prepare a variety of sweet, savory, delicious, and unique nibbles. Chefs will prepare a variety of bite-sized munchies like sweet mango salsa with cinnamon sugar tortilla chips, veggie quesadilla with fresh salsa, homemade Pretzels, and so much more. No one will leave hungry this session!

Register Here:

Start DateTuesday, Oct. 3
End DateTuesday, Nov. 28
No ClassNov. 7
Cost$200 (includes $5 fee per class)

Mudskippers Pottery: Wednesdays 3:30-4:30, Cafeteria

Join Mudskippers Pottery this session as we explore all things Fall! Get ready to get your hands dirty and tackle new projects that are sure to keep you entertained. You will work on pinch pots, coil pots and slab hand built pottery as you take your pottery from start to finish even glazing your own work! You don’t want to miss this chance to create memorable masterpieces you can cherish all year round! Come on and let’s get muddy!

Register Here:

Start DateWednesday, Oct. 4
End DateWednesday, Nov. 29
No ClassNov. 22
Cost$160 (plus $38 material fee)

Kids in Motion-Dance Fitness: Thursdays 3:30-4:30, Cafeteria

Kids in Motion K-5 students will dance, jump, run, and play the whole hour! Kids follow along with the teacher to songs and dances, play games that include limbo sticks, balloons, freeze dance, dancing 4 corners, dancing hot potato, follow the leader, and more. This is a dance fitness class using kid friendly songs, choreography, and dance games and helps children make friends, get active after school, and love dance fitness!

Register Here:

Start DateThursday, Oct. 5
End DateThursday, Nov. 30
No ClassNov. 23

Code Ninjas: Fridays 3:30-4:30, Cafeteria *Grades 2-3 Only

This year’s coding club will introduce the micro:bit! The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that introduces children to how software and hardware work together. It has an LED light display, buttons, sensors, and many input/output features that, when programmed, let it interact with you and your world. Projects will include games such as Rock Paper Scissors, Heads Up, Hot Potato, and more!

Register Here:

Start DateFriday, Sept. 29
End DateFriday, Dec. 1
No ClassNov. 3; Nov.24

Also Available at KINGS GLEN for GRADES 2-3:

Run Fit Kids: Tuesdays 3:30-4:45, Field *Grades 2-6

RunFit Kidz is designed to teach youths of all fitness levels about proper running mechanics, nutrition/hydration, pacing and goal setting.  The class will include dynamic warm-ups, strengthening and speed drills, form, stretching and plenty of games.  Our commitment is for children at all levels to run better, faster, and smarter and for the students to end the 7 or 8-week program with increased running knowledge and enhanced love for being active.  The program concludes with a 5k run/walk that is held locally.

Register Here:

Start DateTuesday, Sept. 26
End DateTuesday, Nov. 21
No ClassNov. 7
Cost$115 (Includes cost for 5k on Nov. 19)
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