Yoga for Kids

Presented by Kids in Motion


3:30 to 4:30pm

Open to Kindergarten – 3rd grade

Price: $112 for 8 classes

Classes will be held every Tuesday from April 11 – May 30

Class Description:
Yoga is designed for children in grades K-3. Yoga instructors use a variety of teaching methods and activities, such as poses, meditations, drawings, music, books, sing a longs, stories, and games to develop focus, flexibility, strength, and calmness. Session after session yoga is a continual promotion of doing your personal best, without competition. Children do yoga activities individually, in pairs, and as a group. Yoga Kid instructors may be certified through one of many Yoga organizations and receive further training by Kids in Motion certified Yoga Kids instructors.

Benefits of Yoga:

  • Teaches mindfulness
  • Kids make friends
  • Get moving after School
  • Focuses on your personal best
  • Provides a calm environment


Contact Kids in Motion at 703-927-8653 or [email protected]

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